What is the 4th Commandment?


So I don’t know about you but if someone asked me “what is the 4th commandment?” I wouldn’t have known the answer, until now. The 4th commandment is to “remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy” (Exodus 20:8). The command to remember the Sabbath day is before do not murder, do not steal, and do not commit adultery each of which we as a society seem to harbor on and judge people for, but how many people who claim Christ as their Savior can say that they “remember the Sabbath day” weekly? And how exactly do we have a Sabbath day?

A couple of weeks ago in my Bible study I was challened with this question, and I do not claim to have the answer or to be doing this myself either, but I do believe that it is an important queston to find the answer to.

I think that for Americans this is a very difficult concept to grasp, accept, and practice. In the US the pace is go go go, work, work, work, and when you’re not working do something for yourself. Well that is not biblical or Christ glorifying at all. We too often get too caught up in the next thing that we have to get done, and we rarely leave enough time for God. I know that I don’t, and that is something that I have been very challenged with this year. The creator of the universe, of us, and of our time deserves ALL of our time, ALL of our thoughts, and ALL of us. So why do we neatly put Him in a time slot on Sunday mornings and the 30 minutes we spend in a quiet time. We do this because we convince ourselves that we don’t have time for more and that is enough. Well it’s not. Wouldn’t it be incredible to have one day where you could sit and be with the Lord. To be with God, the lover of your soul, your Father? Wouldn’t it be even better to spend EVERY day with HIm?

The Sabbath according to Webster’s dictionary means “Sunday observed among Christians as a day of rest and worship”. Well yes, on Sunday I go to church and spend time in worship, but then what do I do with the rest of my day? For a lot of us it’s a day to watch football, catch up on homework or laundry, to prepare for the coming week. None of those seem like rest or worship. The sabbath is not meant to just be a “day off”, it is meant to be a day speant with the Lord. It’s definitely not a day meant for work. Exodus 20:10 says “you shall not do any work”. Exodus 20:11 says “For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy”. Think of everything God did in 6 days, just 6 days, not 7. By following God’s commandment to remember the Sabbath, we are saying that we have faith that God can do more in 6 days than we can do in 7.

I challenge you do get into the word and figure out what the Sabbath day means. I challenge you to find out how to have your own Sabbath day with the Lord. I will be doing the same. It will not be easy for those of us who fill our plates with a million things, for those of us who are always saying that there aren’t enough hours in the day. Well why don’t we focus more of those hours on God, and then we’ll see how stressed we are about all the “stuff” we need to do.

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  1. Great post, Alexandra! I know sunday’s are my favorite day of the week when I get to go to church and “recharge” I guess you could say for the next week. But I really liked what you said about how our Savior deserves ALL of us, our time, our thoughts, etc. I really appreciate your thoughts.

    Love you and thanks for your post!

    ps. had the strangest dream about you last night, I’ll have to fill you in later…

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