Hong Kong..so far


It is now our third full day in Hong Kong, and the past two days have been absolutely incredible. I was very unsure about what we were doing here, but it has been such a blessing to be a part of bringing Bibles into China.

It breaks my heart that this is even necessary, that there are hundreds of thousands of believers in China who don’t even have the opportunity to have a Bible. I am so impressed with the missionaries here. It has been so cool to just see them do life here and to see their hearts for these people and for this ministry.

This has also been really cool for me because of what my dad does with The Seed Company (they translate Bibles). I have always loved and been so interested in what my dad does, and it is very special for me to be a small part of the same word of God giving that my dad is a part of. I understand why he loves his job so much and works so hard at it.

In the past two days we have taken 5 runs into China, and the Lord has graciously allowed me and most of us a way in each time. I have yet to be stopped and I know that that is only because of the Lord. It’s been cool to see how He uses other people crossing to block me so I can get through almost without being seen. And it is only because of the Lord that I can even carry and lift the suitcases of Bibles anywhere yet alone the long distances that we walk each way. God is so good and has provided so much strength and so much peace.

Prayer requests:
For the Chinese people. For the believers that they will feel encouraged, that these Bibles will reach them and help them grow in their faith and that the Chinese church will grow.
For the missionaries here. That they will also be encouraged, that the Lord will give them strength and joy because they are here everyday doing the same thing.
And that they Lord will continue to give me and my team strength and a positive attitude. Also, I hurt my knee yesterday so if y’all could pray for quick healing. It’s kind of a funny story so feel free to ask me later 🙂

That’s all for now! Can’t wait to share more!

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