mind the gap


We are in the airport leaving for India so I decided to share some Hong Kong stories.

Over the weekend we got some time off and spent some time together as a team. We went to The Peak on Hong Kong island to overlook the city which was awesome. It’s really beautiful there.

Then we went back down to watch a light show. I liked it because I love downtowns at nighttime.

Sunday we went to church with two of the missionaries here and then they took us to eat an authentic Chinese lunch (which they later told us was the worst Chinese food they had ever had here). It was interesting..the boys tried chicken feet (gross!) That afternoon we went on a hike to a really beautiful waterfall.


Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we were back to work. We did 8 runs those 3 days. This whole week I have been partnered with my teammate Dana and that has truly been a blessing. I have loved getting to spend so much time with her (we also shared a bed :)) we had a lot of fun the last day with our team leader Sarah who did our runs with us; she called us her special team.

Praise the Lord the Bibles I was carrying made it through all 13 runs throughout our time in Hong Kong. I know that is only because of the grace, will, protection, and strength of the Lord.

In all our team carried 20,950 Bibles weighing a total of 6.5 tons in the 5 days that we worked there. All because of God and all for God’s people.

It has been so wonderful to get to know my teammates and their hearts and to get to see the lives and hearts of the missionaries working in Hong Kong.
I can’t believe 1/5 of the trip is already over, but I’m excited for India. I’m excited to get to know my team even better, to play with incredible kids all day, and to see what the Lord has planned for this next leg. Stay tuned!

PS here’s a picture of my knee. It looks way worse than it feels. I fell in the gap between the subway and the platform and almost lost my skirt (could I be any clumsier?!)


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  1. I struggle to hold back tears when reading this.

    “In all our team carried 20,950 Bibles weighing a total of 6.5 tons in the 5 days that we worked there. All because of God and all for God’s people.”

    Seriously. That is incredible. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us! I wish I could be there with you.

    2 more things: your knee looks disgusting and I hope you enjoy the 115* weather in India.

    I LOVE YOU SEESTER. I am so proud of you.

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