We are now in Uganda but before I share about the ministry here I want to share about the rest of our time at the orphanage in India. I have a lot of random stories and thoughts but the main thing I got from India is that God gives joy and gives it in abundance and those kids have it and have it more than I have ever seen.

I’ll start by explaining the conditions in India. It is hot. Not just Texas hot but 115 hot. With dirt. And trash. And horrible smells. I won’t lie, I struggled with those conditions but I’m not telling you this so you will feel sorry for me or my team but so you can understand that these kids live in this everyday and yet never complain and are filled with the joy of the Lord.

Some of my favorite moments with the kids were when we were able to take them to Pizza Hut for lunch one day and when we took the to the theme park Adventure Island. They kids were SO excited about both and so grateful. My favorite memory from adventure island was when we took some of the kids into the water part where there was a giant tub of water that filled up and then poured out on everyone. I have never seen someone so excited to get water dumped on them and they wanted nothing more than for me to be there with them getting soaked. They all just had such giant smiles on their faces.

I loved worshiping with the kids during the 3 prayer times each day. I loved going to church with them. I loved hearing them laugh. I loved watching them play games and color pictures. And I especially loved hearing them shout Jesus Loves Me (that was their favorite song). My heart melted when we returned from seeing the taj mahal and Simon one of the older boys told us he had been waiting all day for us to return. It melted again when they wrote us cards telling us they were praying for us and praying that we would come back again.

These kids know how to love unconditionally and they know how to serve without being asked and without expecting anything in return. These kids get it. They have incredible faith and devotion to the Lord and to His people. They are dedicated, intelligent, funny, and caring. Some have dreams of being pilots and engineers, and some when they turn 18 will go to the Bible college and then take a martyrs oath to share the gospel with the people of India knowing full well that they can and most likely will be persecuted. These kids are going to change the country of India and win its people for Christ Jesus.

The Lord showed me how to have compassion and that even though this country seems dirty and hard that He loves those people and so should I. He showed me what it means to have joy in all circumstances and that I need to work on that. He showed me that He is good; that He is everything good in me and good in this world and He wants to share that goodness with us.

Here’s some pictures of the beautiful children:






Now a story from the taj mahal:
Steven, our team leader Sarah’s boyfriend, came to India to work at the orphanage with us. While we were at the taj HE PROPOSED! Introducing the future Mr. And Mrs. Posey


Can’t wait to share stories from Uganda! I’m already loving it here. Feel free to research the ministry we are working with. It’s called the Zion Project, and the work they are doing is incredible.

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  1. Alexandra! You are such a gifted writer! I’m serious – you have a beautiful way of making these cities and your experiences in them come alive. I think this one is my favorite because I know you were sweet enough to stand there and get soaked with those children until their skin was wrinkly and pruny! I love you!

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